Saturday, October 13

Don't Blame The Government

Listen up, you Nigerian youth!

Stop complaining and get to work!

Buhari is not your problem.

You are your own problem.

Stop complaining and get to work.


That’s what Nigeria needs now from you right now!

Friday, December 8

The Sad Truth Why So Many Youth Will Remain Poor

So many of our Nigerian youths are poor.


One may be forced or tempted to argue that the government has caused it because they did not plan for these youths.

That’s okay.

But that’s not really the whole gospel truth.

You see, if one is to go by that statement of blaming the government for the poverty being experienced by so many of our youths, then it is akin to—like my great friend Steve Olorun-Ni of Africabusinessclassroom(ABC) will normally put it—blaming a rapist for not taking your daughter to hospital after raping her, if I should use that graphic example.

Wednesday, March 15

Are You A Wasted Youth?

Youths of today are the future of our tomorrow, they say. But what will you then say when you find out that the majority of youths of today are nothing but already wasted?

There’s fire on the mountain. Something needs to be done to arrest this astronomical increase in the number of wasted youths we are witnessing in our present day.

But first, before we do that, we need to identify who these wasted youths are.

So, how do you identify a wasted youth?

Well, a wasted youth...

Hardly reads
In fact, he does not read. This is one of the easiest ways to spot a wasted youth. Apart from reading his Facebook or twitter updates and maybe his textbooks. That is where his reading stops.

Novels, financial books, journals, even currents affairs is not really his thing. Of course, he’ll proudly and openly tell you he doesn’t have time for any of that nonsense!

Monday, March 6

Who Wants To Be A Billionaire?

So you want to be a billionaire?

Alright listen to this, I got it from a friend on Facebook.
If your boss pay you N30,000 per month, assuming you decided to save all without touching a dime, it will take you 36 months to make N1million.
Did I hear you say 3years!?
But if on the other hand, if you can convince an organisation like Dangote Group to print and supply 5000 umbrellas to them (to be used as souvenirs) and you make just N200 profit per umbrella, in just one day you must have made N1million.
What about becoming a billionaire?
That’s where it gets really crazy!
OK, now let's increase your pay to N1,000,000 per month and you decide to save all without touching a dime. In a year, you must have saved N12 million.
It will take about 84 years before you can make N1billion(Please subtract your current age).
But on the other hand, let’s say Nigeria has a population of about 200 million people. If you can supply salt to just 12 million, once in a month and you make just N200 from each person supplied, then in one year, you must have made N2.4billion!
This shows that to become rich, you have to stop talking to bosses and start talking to clients.
You have to stop thinking inside the box and even stop thinking outside the box...
Yes...the box is still a limitation...
You have no idea what your mind is capable of, do you!?
This is what you have to do...
The possibilities are endless...
And that, my friend, is how you can become a billionaire!

I will now simply try to explain the whole process to the best of my ability just in case you didn’t get the moral of the story very well.

Wednesday, March 1

20 Very Useful Things You Should Be Doing Instead of Watching Big Brother Naija

The debate is on: Big Brother Naija(BBN) reality TV show, to watch or not to watch. What really spurred this debate was that disturbing evidence that it seems like so many folks are already hooked unto the show, albeit secretly.

The naysayers who strongly say people should not watch it have made their point. They argued that the BBN is totally pointless, promotes indecency, teaches nothing… bla… bla… bla… bla…

But the ‘aye aye’ who love the show to bits strongly counters all that by saying, “If you don’t like the show, simply turn your TV off!”



I love that!!!

So after listening to both sides of the party and argument, here’s my final verdict.

Sorry guys, but I will go with the naysayers.

Not because of the promotion of immorality point of view of the argument. Me, being somewhat amoralist, I don’t really give an eff whether the show promotes indecency or not, teaches something or not... what else did they say about the show again…?

Yes, I don’t.

So why then would I go with the naysayers?

Okay, listen.

Saturday, February 18

10 Reasons Why You Are Still Looking for A Job

Are you still looking for a job? Well, you are not alone. So many people are also in the same boat as you.

But have you ever considered that you could actually be the cause why you have kept on searching with nothing meaningful in sight?

Well, here, let's take a look. These are some of the reasons why your job search has proven to be abortive so far.

You don’t know what a job really is
As funny as this might sound, so many folks out there who deem themselves unemployed actually don’t know what a job is really all about.

You might be one of them.

Generally speaking, so many people think a job is all about having an office and probably, a boss too.

To them a job is simply a place where you dress up and go to every day of the week, spend some time there, perform certain tasks and get paid at the end of the week or month as the case might be.

In their own understanding, if or once you have a place where you can go and do all that, you are not jobless.

But in truth, that's a very narrow minded way of defining a job or what constitutes a job.

Simple as it sounds, that’s not really what a job is all about.


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